Thursday, 2 April 2009

Week 3 ...... being a patient

It really is quite hard .............. while I have been 'A Patient' on other occasions this time around I find I have much less inclination to be 'Patient' about it! Although it is only 17 days since ThePhoneCall it seems like a month at least, and of course I was waiting quite a while before that (for the referral letter to go off, for the CT Scan appointment to arrive, for the scan to be reported on, etc).

I am not hot on waiting.

Still I suppose things are moving along ... time waits for no woman after all. And yesterday the appointment arrived in the post for the MRI. End of April.

Bad thing - its 26 more sleeps away.

Good thing - I am not an emergency .......... I think I rather like that!

Meanwhile I must continue to keep busy but also remember to take the odd moment to smell the roses and look at the view ....

Our house - a work in progress (patience needed)

The view from our lounge (instant therapy)