Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Week 4 ..... triage and teeth!


On Saturday I received a letter from a department called the Blood and Cancer Unit, Dunedin Hospital (a title enough to put the F.O.G. up anyone!) to say that they had received my referral from the neurologist and, after discussion (triage) my case has been graded as "semi-urgent". Semi-urgent cases are expected to be seen within four weeks of referral according to Government recommendation/guidelines.

Having got over a rather 'hoppity-skip' heartbeat on seeing the words "Cancer Unit", I quickly realised that this department is where the Radio-Surgery is carried out. So I shall expect to see the radiology-oncologist sometime around the MRI scan due at the end of the month ............ I wonder whether the 4-week guideline will be adhered to!

On Monday I woke up with nausea about 4.00 a.m. as usual but, having got up and played on the computer for a while, was able to go back to bed and sleep a bit longer. It was a nice sunny day and I actually felt energetic enough to get out in the garden and do some pruning and trimming - this is the first time for a very long while that I have felt 'normal'! The same on Tuesday and today!!!!!

Its really amazing to suddenly feel 'well' ..... I hadn't realised just how bad I was feeling until I stopped feeling bad. C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Don't know what has changed or whether it will last but by golly its nice.

Oh yes - must not forget the tooth!

..... as I was feeling A1 yesterday I had arranged to meet a girlfriend for lunch and a chat. Over lunch I became aware of a little rough patch on my upper front tooth. This tooth is a very old crown and has had a crack in it for a long time. As soon as I got home I whipped into the bathroom to check in the mirror ..... and the front of the crown promptly fell off!

Luckily I was able to get an emergency appointment with my dentist for 9am this morning. But the news is not good expense wise! First off antibiotics for root infection, next must go back tomorrow for impressions for a temporary plate, after that must wait to see orthodontic surgeon for removal of crown, broken pin and root. Then will come the big decision ..... to go for a plate with one tooth (moderate cost) or an implant (mega-bucks).

Mega-bucks looks favorite at the moment .....

"because I'm worth it"!!

Well, if Jane Fonda can say it ...............