Sunday, 26 April 2009

Worry beads ..... only 3 more sleeps

On my first visit to the radiology-oncologist it was suggested that I try Dexamethasone for a while to see if my headaches and nausea improved. Dexamethasone is a steroidal drug that is able to cross the blood/brain barrier and is useful for reducing swelling in brain tissue.

I was not very keen on this idea due to the possible side effects of steroids but LK convinced me to try a small 2mg dose at night. For the first couple of nights it seemed that I was sleeping longer before the nausea kicked in, but by nights 4 and 5 it was worse than ever and has been starting even earlier! I have also felt really lousy during the day for the past couple of days ... although I know that this is possibly nothing to do with the Dexamethasone. But as the drug takes from between 1-4 days to take effect I should be feeling better not worse by now!

The good thing is that my MRI appointment is the day after tomorrow and I will be seeing LK for the results the day after that ......... I am so relieved that I will not have long to wait between MRI and getting the results.

Only 3 more sleeps (well, you know what I mean) until the extent of the problem is revealed.

Hopefully. Whoopee!