Sunday, 31 May 2009

Week 11 ..... second MRI and ?

Well the second MRI seemed to go without a hitch ... not that they tell you anything with regard to what they have seen. The nurse who inserted the IV port in my arm and gave the Gadolinium injection (contrast medium) was English so we had a good old chat! She has only been over here three years to my ten. I was a bit amazed because they stopped the MRI almost immediately after the contrast was injected .... hardly more than a minute or two had elapsed. AND the injection was extremely painful this time around and I had a bruise and lump for several days after!

At the weekend I received a further appointment to see the Neurologist, which I wasn't expecting as he had previously referred me on to the radiology/oncology team. So I have no idea what the purpose of this visit will turn out to be. It's next Friday, 5th June.

But, naturally, 'being a patient' one is inclined to wonder and worry! So what's new?