Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Week 8 .... Feckit and the Tooth Fairy

Introducing 'Feckit' - my left-sided meningioma.
In this image its main body is the 'blob' right of centre
and it
can be seen to be branching along the underside of the temporal lobe


The tooth fairy

On Monday evening I saw the orthodontist who removed my shattered front crown. It came out relatively easily and the procedure was painless, thanks to plenty of local anaesthetic! Several NSAIDs and some Codeine Phosphate got rid of the after pains and its now healing well.

The 'tooth fairy' has made me a tiny little plate (which may look small but feels like a tombstone in my mouth!) with a single tooth on it. I am learning to eat .... but its quite difficult and the whole thing has a tendency to spring out of my mouth if I don't concentrate properly!

And for this joyful addition I have just paid $760.

Its amazing how difficult it is to get used to something 'foreign' in ones mouth ..... but it is all good practice for the mouth brace that I will have to wear during radiotherapy.

"Look on the bright side of life, .......... dee-dum, dee-dum, dee-dum"