Friday, 5 June 2009

Week 12 ..... this and that sorted out!

Have had quite a busy week bowling (indoors and outdoors), but also a few things have got sorted regarding Feckit!

1. Contacted KM regarding second appointment received for seeing the Neurologist. She was not aware of any untoward reason why he might wish to see me, and has seen and approved the treatment plan for the radiotherapy!!

2. I also asked whether last week's MRI showed any growth .... the reply was that it appears Feckit has got a little bigger in the area over the cavernous sinus. Little wretch!

3. Saw my neurologist, Dr H-T, who looked me over and prescribed prochlorperazine for the nausea .... will trial it for a month. He says he will see me again once the radio-oncology team have "finished with me". I said "yes, you'll have what's left!!"

4. Chris (my guardian angel in the radiology unit) phoned to say that treatments will start next week ........ the first on Wednesday afternoon. It will be good to get going.

5. Oh, and I also had a check abdominal ultrasound for an unrelated problem. Results next week.