Thursday, 11 June 2009

Week 13 ..... framed up!

Well ... I've been on a 3-day week for this first week of treatment, but for the next five weeks it will be a Mon-Fri job! These photos give an idea of how the head-frame is fixed and everything prepared prior to each session.

Head frame screwed tightly into place ....
my upper front teeth are embedded in a mould fixed to the frame!

I am assisted to lie flat and the head-frame is slotted into a fitting at the top of the couch.(and NO! that is not my teeth you can see and NO, I am NOT laughing!)

The technicians begin a series of precise measurements to ensure that
my head and the x-ray machine are aligned correctly.

The 'set-up' procedures take longer than the treatment itself - all together it takes about 25 minutes.