Saturday, 1 August 2009

Week 25 ...... this and that

KARITANE (where I live!)

My eldest daughter and grand-daughter are here with us for five weeks from UK! It is so nice to have them here, its been a long time since we were together ..... seven years. Despite it being winter the weather has been reasonably kind with quite a lot of sunshine, so they can get out and about exploring around the village, beaches and peninsula. We will be doing a few trips North, South and Central so that they get to see as much of this beautiful island as possible.

On the health front Feckit is still making itself a bit of a nuisance, which is to be expected as the treatments are only just finished. I have not been too happy on the steroids .... very depressed and absolutely wide awake most of the night .... so obviously feel very tired in the day! I have reduced the dose a little bit and started taking it in the morning only (instead of twice a day) .... apparently doing this can reduce some of the corticosteroidal side effects which have started already. I can see that my cheeks and neck are much rounder .... like a cheese, and I am so hungry all the time! Apparently, all of these are well-documented. Obviously if my symptoms of headache, dizziness and nausea get any worse then I will have to go back to the original regime. Strangely there does not appear to be any formerly agreed protocol for weaning off Dexamethasone ... but I put my faith in my old copy of the British National Formulary.

It may just be coincidence but since changing the tabs around I have had two distinctly better nights, so we'll just see.