Saturday, 5 September 2009

Six Months since diagnosis

Our eldest daughter and grand-daughter (almost 18 yrs) flew back to UK on Monday after a lovely long visit, - just over 5 weeks. Thankfully the weather was reasonably kind, cold at night but sunny most days, so they were able to enjoy the great outdoors as well as family time. I think they loved the beauty of where we live and certainly got very keen on walking and jogging around the peninsular and on the two beaches. It was so lovely for us all to see them after a gap of almost eight years, and the Kiwi grand-daughters were thrilled to get to know their 'big' Brit cousin!

(L to R) - Naomi, Yvie, Amanda, Poppy, Deb

Headnotes - Facial swelling is gradually going down since stopping the steroids but body-weight is not reducing as yet, despite cutting down on meal-sizes and 'treats'. Weight gain can be a side-effect of both Dexamethasone AND Dothiepin .... so it's been a double whammy there. Will just have to continue to persevere in my efforts to lose it!

Symptoms remain the same but tolerable and no signs of any hair falling out from the radiotherapy ....