Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another trip 'down South'

Monday and Tuesday saw the Fab Four on a trip back to Invercargill to collect our paintings from the Anderson Park Gallery Annual Exhibition 2009. This is a fair old journey of over 3 hours drive ... the driving nobly taken on by Jill. However we had an excellent time ... much laughter and imbibing far more food and wine than was good for us! Di, Gill and Jill are such a great source of encouragement and support. And Gill, who has her own health worries to contend with at the moment, is also a fine example on facing up to life's little trials!


I have just about come to the end of the 2 weeks of Dexamethasone. This time the dose was 2mg daily instead of 4mg and I haven't started to swell up at all. In fact I think I have lost about 4lbs, which of course I am delighted to do! Sleeping is not really any better but the stabbing pains in the head and face have diminished to almost zero. Headaches are reduced to mainly odd sorts of 'squeezing' sensations! Very peculiar.