Friday, 27 November 2009

Month 9 since diagnosis!

Well its just about 9 months since Feckit was found lurking .... it's still causing trouble but hopefully is beginning it's death throes! This past week has been pretty full on and I am quite tired, but feel as if I have achieved quite a lot.

Last Friday I started a pastel painting that I had been thinking about doing for a couple of months. John went away on a 3 day golfing weekend so I was able to go bowling and paint unfettered by cooking meals, household chores, etc. I even spent much of my 'waking time' at night working on the new painting finishing it by Sunday evening.

As well as having bowls matches on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I tutored a beginners workshop on Thursday for our local art group. They were learning about using pastels and most were completely new to the subject. We had a great day and they produced some amazing pieces - well done!


Yesterday (Friday) was my follow-up appointment with the Neurologist, Dr H-T. I was not expecting much change out of it because (as a nurse) I know that I do not have any neurological deficits as yet, i.e. everything is working pretty much as normal! And I also know that there is very little that can be done symptom-wise except to 'keep taking the tablets', as the saying goes.

So, as expected, my neurological assessment was OK, and we got down to talking symptom control. Sleep deprivation being a big issue for me at the moment another drug has been added into my current regime to try to help with this ........ Promethazine (an antihistamine), which has sedating properties. The headaches, nausea and insomnia are due to the brain swelling after radiotherapy (well I hope that's correct and its NOT because Feckit is continuing to expand!) and Dr H-T will write to David my GP to explain where I am currently at and suggest other treatment options should I need them. He will see me again in six months.

Rightey-ho ....... done and dusted, then? Nope.
If I put on my nursey-hat there are several alarm bells ringing with regard to my current medication regime ........... but I really need time to think it through before I write more about that!

I can certainly feel another post coming on .....................