Tuesday, 25 January 2011

When you need a friend ..............

Golly but I'm really bogged down about art at the moment. Absolutely drained of inspiration, ideas, or the mental fortitude to try, or so it seems. But at least I have my art friends both locally and on-line ..... and that really helps to keep me in touch and hope alive!!

Here is a link to a great post by artist Martha Marshall entitled 'When solitude isn't enough' in which she talks about the necessity for contact and input from others for the nurture our artistic selves. In this really interesting and inspiring article she also links to writings of other contemporary artists on how they deal with the trials and tribulations of making art!

Martha talks about keeping regular contact with other artists and we have a thriving little art community where I live who meet regularly for workshops, to 'show and tell' or just to touch base for a chat and a coffee. Here are just a few of the group from a couple of years ago, having just tried out working with pastels with me for the first time.

And of course I must mention again my three art buddies and best friends, who not only inspire me to keep trying with my art (and patiently listen to my moans!) but have been so wonderfully supportive during the course of my tumour diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Di, Jill and Gill

Thank you girls, for all the love and laughter! XX