Thursday, 24 February 2011

Good and bad news ..... making sense of it all

Saw the radio/oncology consultant yesterday following my annual MRI (its now 19 months since I finished six weeks of radiology treatment). The GOOD NEWS being that the tumour has not grown. In fact there has been no change at all - its no bigger, no smaller. Although there is no sign of cell death within the tumour I am so very relieved that there is no signs of growth. The results do explain why I am still having some symptoms, so its a case of carrying on as I have been and living life as normally as possible.

But any possible difficulties pale into complete insignificance compared to the BAD NEWS of the week, - the
Christchurch earthquake. Even though we live 4 hours drive south of that city we still felt the quake and our house swayed back and forth. We knew at once that there had been a big one somewhere. What we could never have imagined was that it was a second earthquake near Christchurch or that it would take such a dreadful toll in human lives, serious injuries and severe damage to properties, amenities and services. The full implications of the tragedy have yet to be revealed but it will certainly be many months before some sort of normality can be restored for those living in and around the city.

TODAY (Day 4)
- concern as wet, cold weather forecast

- tough and quick decisions to be made about damaged buildings.

- 113 confirmed dead; 228 missing; 70 live rescues; five bodies recovered overnight.

- more than 90% of the CBD has been checked and assessed

- Defence Force personnel are supporting the 3 services with patrols, engineers and medics.

- Housing NZ's help line has received over 1800 calls offering short term accommodation

To HELP THE PEOPLE OF CHRISTCHURCH please follow link for a list of agencies where donations of money or services can be made. Thank you.