Saturday, 9 April 2011

bowled over???

Life has proved a bit of a bumpy ride just recently! First came my follow-up appointment with the neurology consultant after my annual check MRI.

Oh, how I fail to see any point in seeing this man .....

Consultation time is usually around 5 minutes if I'm lucky, - for which I have to travel 40 minutes by car, find parking, etc. For a start he and I do not seem to talk the same language - he asks questions, I answer, and he brushes whatever I say/ask aside.

He sometimes does a full neurological examination, but usually just tests my eyes and my hand grip. I cannot TALK to him ... he is so remote and appears disinterested
. "Just another neurotic ex-nurse" - I can (almost) read the words ticker-taping across his forehead!
Yes, a pointless exercise.

Happily, bowling this year has proved far more rewarding! This is my last season as a Junior player (less than 5 years) and on Thursday night I received the following awards (trophies and/or certificates) from our Bowling Club - Junior Ladies Singles Champion, Ladies Singles Champion, Ladies Pairs Champion. What was even nicer was to receive the annual award for Most Improved Player!

The Presentation evening was a very jolly affair and finished with a Pot-Luck Supper, - my contribution being a large platter of spicy chicken drumsticks.

While I'll admit to having three glasses of wine during the course of the evening I can assure you that this did not cause the fall which happened after I got out of the car on our return home!

This resulted in me spending the night on a trolley in the A & E Department, having sustained a fractured arm, a cracked cheekbone, several grazes and bruises to my face, hands, legs and chest. I do believe in doing things thoroughly!

So now, a couple of days later, I find that I am feeling a lot better even if I do still look like Bride of Frankenstein! And today I've received loving messages from my kids, both here and overseas. And hugs, cake and lovely yellow gazania flowers from my two Kiwi grand-daughters!

Now THAT has bowled me over and no mistake! XXXXX