Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Update ........ On (Not So) Golden Pons!

Having previously combined this blog with my art blog I have decided to "uncombine' them!! The reasons for this are that people who read about my art may not be particularly interested in reading my "meningioma diary", while those who are may not be able to follow the relevant posts very easily when tucked between my art postings. Also I now suspect that Feckit is not quite vanquished and may even now be twitching!

My last posting re health was in April when I fell and broke my arm. Its a bit annoying to have to report that after 6 weeks in plaster, followed by several weeks of physio, the wrist is still giving problems. A recent visit to the orthopaedic surgeon revealed that cartilage between the small bones has been permanently damaged resulting in pain and stiffness on movement.

The surgeon has suggested bone removal and replacement with a metal rod to immobilise the wrist - the object being to relieve pain. However, this idea does not appeal to me very greatly (are you surprised?!), particularly as it would mean permanent loss of flexibility. So we agreed that progress (or not, as the case may be) should be reviewed in another six months.

It is now 2 years since radiosurgery was completed .... so what is Feckit up to?

Causing headache and nausea at night?
Spells of nausea and vertigo during day?
Pain and tenderness on left side of head and in left ear?
Memory problems?
Tendency to choke on liquids/saliva?

Seems so, yes!

But neither the neurologist nor the radio-oncologist have been able to explain these symptoms which, by the way, are the very same ones that sent me to my doctor in the first place in 2008!

Weird, eh?

The most recent MRI report (February 2011) mentioned that "The mass abuts the left side of the pons, which is minimally indented", whereas at least two previous MRI reports have stated that "It abuts but does not distort the pons".

However, the reports describe the tumour as 'stable' so I am probably way off track in wondering if a 'minimally indented pons' might possibly be significant!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Gill - a fond farewell

Dear Gill,

Lovely friend and artist, you have lost your courageous fight with breast cancer and will be sadly missed by all who knew you. Thank you for your friendship and support, and for the great times we had together with friends Jill and Diane.

Diane, Jill and Gill

Gill, Jill, Lesly, Diane

Gillian Hammond who died 15th August 2011. Remembered always.