Monday, 28 November 2011

Keeping things in sight!

Well its been a while since I posted on this blog. Is that a good or a bad sign, I wonder? On the one hand I am keeping busy with housework (reluctantly), playing bowls (a lot) and painting (occasionally) and on the other I am so tired all the time, especially in the 'thinking' department! I can't seem to get an unbroken night of restful sleep while in the daytime I feel unable to think very hard or deeply about anything. Am I making sense here? .......... I don't think so. But I know what I mean (I think!).

Had my eyes tested last week and was aggrieved to find that there had been a significant change in both far and near vision since my last visit in 2009 (but no evidence of double vision, thank goodness). The optician assured me that this was age related so I hope he is correct and that the deterioration is not due to Feckit. So I am now waiting for my second lot of prescription lenses in 18 months.

I cheered myself up yesterday, however, when I managed to finish a painting that I have been struggling with for several weeks on and off. It is called 'Wharfside'.