Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Year reflections

Can hardly believe that January is almost over already!! Since Christmas the time has simply flown by and we seem to have been in a whirlwind of activity! Not least a hastily arranged week's trip to Melbourne, Australia to meet up with our son while he was visiting there from the UK. It was really lovely to catch up!

Melbourne was quite something to get used to .............,and after 12 years of peaceful existence in New Zealand, we found ourselves to be true "country mice" - the population of Melbourne being about equal to the whole population of NZ!!!! But we had a good time walking the streets and riding the trams to explore the city.

While we were there we managed to meet up with two long lost distant cousins, Valerie and Anne, both born in Melbourne ............ we are all descended from British g-g-g-grandparents Richard SPARKS (1794-1876 Great Marlow) and Sarah STEVENS (b.1799 Windsor). Anne and her husband Michel very kindly picked us up from our hotel and drove us out to Vals house in Mornington (about 50kms). We had a lovely (and lively) lunch together and it is a great treat to find new relations!  

I have been on Prozac for over a month now and have also had my first counselling session, both of which seem to be helping. I have been sleeping better and this week the headaches and nausea seem to be diminishing. Tomorrow I am having my annual MRI. Fingers crossed that this time there will be signs that the tumour is shrinking  ......


Sarah said...

Sounds like a nice time in Melbs.

Hope your MRI went well and that your tumour is at the very least stable x

lesly said...

Thanks Sarah, - will not get the results of the MRI for a couple of weeks. You know what the waiting is like, I bet!!

Do hope things are looking up for you and the family xx