Friday, 23 March 2012

cat haiku complete!

my cats sun themselves -
who would guess the comfort of
them kissing my face

small rodents as gifts
claws sharpened on the door mat
a small price to pay

Thursday, 22 March 2012


In a recent blog entry on "A Screw Loose" Liz Holzemer suggests trying to write a meningioma-related 'haiku'. 

A haiku is a poem structured as a 5 syllable line followed by a 7 syllable line and ending with another 5 syllable line. I left my first attempt at writing one as a comment to Liz's post;

Nothing stays the same
Our wishes may not come true
But keep hope alive

Then I read a little more about traditional Japanese haiku poetry and realised what a poor attempt mine was!!! I think this one is perhaps a tiny bit closer to how it should be:

autumn approaches -
and waiting here I wonder 
what next year might hold

This one is probably none too good either, but its quite a nice exercise!

my cats sun themselves -
who would guess the comfort of
them kissing my face

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wearing of the Green!!!

Been a bit bad about writing my blog - mostly because I'm not very motivated to exercise my brain! Feckit and Fuss are far happier if I don't think too much. Things are quieter that way!

And it seems like we've had a busy time lately ... golf (him), bowls (both) and visits/visitors! Last week I played in a ladies lawn bowls tournament at Fairfield, Dunedin - the Annual St Patrick's Day Ladies Progressive Fours. T'was a real fun day altogether, so t'was! Lots of Green everywhere ... including some of the cakes! Players are encouraged to dress up for the occasion and I so thought "Why not make an eedjit of myself?"