Saturday, 16 June 2012

On being a pain!

Thought it might help to jot down a few things for future reference, as its always difficult to remember when a symptom started or when exactly I last saw a doctor for something!

Have not been feeling too good for the past few of weeks ... the pains in my left ear and through my temple have been occurring more frequently and I've also developed a high pitched whistling in both ears. Another 'new' symptom has been "toothache" in my back left molars, top and bottom. I have also started waking in the night with excruciating pain in my left big toe and sometimes my left ankle joint!! So I trotted of to the GP just over a week ago to discuss what might be wrong and what to do about it.

She suggested that I increase the nightly dose of amitriptyline from 10mg to 20mg (this has definitely helped with the shooting pains in my ear and temple, and also with the toothache, so that's great!), and to wean myself off Prozac if I felt that my depression was under control. On the whole I think that my mood has generally improved and I feel less stressed. Although, how much of that is due to Prozac and how much to reducing my commitments, I don't know! Anyhow, I have started to wean myself off those particular tablets and we'll see how it goes ..........

The doc examined my left foot and could not find anything of note so does not think it is gout! However, she noticed a skin lesion on my left lower leg and asked me about it. This lesion has been there for a long time (years) but never heals up, and has slowly, slowly increased in size. Currently it is about 2.5cm x 1cm. Other doctors have seen it in the past and diagnosed a venous ulcer although it is completely dry and never oozes. This doctor was concerned about it as it could be a pre-cancerous lesion and has given me an anti-cancer cream (fluorouracil) to be applied twice a day for four weeks. If this does not heal it up then she will take a biopsy. I've had some blood taken to check for gout, also for thyroid and renal function.

This Friday I had my last session with the counsellor. It has been good to have someone non-judgemental to talk to and I have been able to off load some worries to her. Somewhat like keeping this blog, really so I will probably have to write in it more often now!!

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