Tuesday, 21 August 2012

More than I can chew?

I'm comming to the end of a four week stay in UK where I have been visiting my youngest daughter and her new baby boy. She has had a very rough time of it with complications leading to several surgeries but happily looks to be on the mend at last. The baby, of course, is lovely and its been great to have hands on care of such a wee one after all these years.

When I get home to New Zealand I will have to do some checking with the doctor regarding some newish symptoms that have developed over the past three months or so. In addition to the usual problems with facial pain and tenderness on the left side of my face I suddenly developed occasional bouts of excruciating toothache in my left rear molar. This happened a couple of times before I left on my trip but luckily I had a check-up with my dentist pending. Examination and x-rays could find nothing amiss so I left England reasonably happy that all was well.

However, whilst in UK, I have had two really bad bouts and several short 'warning' stabs. Although the 'bad' bouts only last about 15 mins or so the pain is unbelievable and seems to come on after chewing hard or after a lot of talking!!! Which makes me wonder if this is a further manifestation of Feckit or Fuss affecting the trigeminal nerve. In addition I seem to have developed tinnitus + twinges of pain in my other ear!

Of course none of this need be anything to do with the tumours but I will check it out once I get home. This visit has gone all too quickly and in just three more days I start the long journey back. However, I am looking forward to downloading my photos and posting some up here!!