Friday, 28 September 2012

A month of family events!

What a time its been recently with all sorts of things going on in the family. 
Of course, there was the loss of dear old Ollie last week ... we still cannot believe that he is no more. He is buried in the garden and we've planted a yellow bush rose over him. Pru has been quite upset after losing her brother ... moaning and yowling and unable to sleep alone at night. I have had to do something that I swore I never would and take her into bed with me! It has helped a bit but she still gets up and goes searching. I think maybe she has been calmer the last day or so.

On a happier note our youngest daughter is returning to health after all her setbacks following the birth of her first baby. He, of course, is gorgeous and I miss them both terribly. It was lovely to be able to go to UK and visit for a while in August. He is growing so fast! We are all so very excited about their planned trip to see us in December this year.

September and October sees lots of happenings in our immediate family ..... Firstly it was our middle daughter's birthday and also her 20th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated with a week's trip to Sydney. They had a wonderful time and their two girls had nanny to stay to look after them ..... so we had a lovely time too!

Their youngest was 12 years old yesterday, - how the years fly past! It doesn't seem 5 minutes since she was born!!!! And 'big' sister will be 15 years in November. We are so very lucky to live near them.

Our eldest daughter back in the UK had a Big birthday this week .... 50 yrs. And she will hate me for saying so! But she doesn't look her age so no-one would guess! Here she is with daughter, Naomi, who also has a Big birthday to celebrate on 1st October .... 21 years old!

Naomi is studying art and jewellery-making at university and here are some examples of her lovely work:

Head notes

I wrote last about the awful tooth pain I was having, and I am happy to say that this has gone after increasing my dose of Amytriptyline from 20mg each night to 30mg. So I tend to think that the toothache was related to the tumour affecting the trigeminal nerve, which continues to give me tenderness and prickling sensations on the left side of my face. If I stop taking the tablets then I also get shooting pains through my left ear.

The nausea and headaches continue to be worse when lying down at night. It all wears off once I am up and the morning progresses but then worsens again later in the day. My memory is pretty crappy but does not seem to have got any worse, which is something! 

In the last couple of weeks I have become more aware of a high-pitched ringing in my ears .... this is not really bothering me as I only become aware that it's there when it stops for a while! More alarming is intermittent stabs of pain in the right side of my head! .... maybe in sympathy of the left side? I wonder!

It's all a question of trying to live with these nuisances and getting on with things!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Horrible week. We've been half expecting this moment for a long time but when it came it was all so very sad. Poor old Ollie (16 years old) has been on medications for a long time for heart failure, hyperthyroidism and, more recently, progressive renal failure. Sadly he reached the end of his tether on Tuesday. 

The vet and her assistant very kindly came to the house and administered the fatal injection while Ollie was cuddled on my lap. It was very peaceful for him and he did not have the distress of going to "that place where they stick things into me". Wish we humans could have the option to die like that.

We are left in bits. So too is his sister, Pru. But what lovely memories we have of a loving, playful and loyal friend. XXX