Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Farewell to 2012 ...... a year in pictures!


We went for a weeks trip to Melbourne to visit with our son who was on holiday there. We had not seen each other for over 10 years!

And I also had the pleasure of meeting up with some distant Aussie relations tracked down via my ongoing interest in family genealogy.


Our French friends At last came over to New Zealand for a holiday and visited with us. It was wonderful to find that nothing had changed between us .... the years apart just rolled away!


Once again I enjoyed entering a St Patrick's Day Bowls Tournament!

Our Golden Wedding Anniversary .... its hard to imagine even now that we have been married over 50 years!  Of course, we had a lovely celebration with NZ family and close friends!


The end of quite a successful bowling season!


The arrival in UK of a lovely grandson! 


I took a trip to the UK (on my own!) to visit our youngest daughter and her new baby boy. It was wonderful to see her after so long!

And to see our eldest daughter and grand-daughter again!

And catch up with most of my mad rellies!

AND have lots of cuddles with the baby!!


We had to say goodbye to dear old Ollie ..... 16 years young. What a treasure and joy he was.


BIG family Christmas holiday with our middle (NZ) and youngest (UK) daughters, their husbands and lovely children!

So another year over and a new one has begun ................ !!!

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