Thursday, 21 February 2013

Good news day!

Got the result for the gum and jawbone biopsy ... and good news! It was an amalgam tattoo after all. Fantastic to be cleared of the worry of melanoma!

Also saw my radiology consultant about the MRI result and the queries that I had about size differences. Apparently the reported sizes vary because the MRI 'slices' may not be in quite the same place each time. So as a tumour is a 3-dimensional entity one slice may be wider or longer than another. As the differences were only 0.1cm that was reassuring to know. She said that should Fuss increase in size on the next MRI then it would need looking into, but for now the 0.1cm increase might be just because of a different view.

The specialist also suggested that we go to bi-annual MRI's from now on but I said that, unless and until my symptoms ease off a bit, I would prefer to keep to annual scans for the time being. She agreed to this and so my next MRI will be January 2014. She is unable to explain why I get these constant headaches and nausea, nor the tinnitus. Nor my memory difficulties ... but she reassured me that my brain shows absolutely no sign of Alzheimers disease!

So, all in all, an encouraging week on the health front! GOOD ...


jopa said...

Hi Lesly!

I just read your blog, thank you for writing.
I have just been diagnosed with my third meningioma. Two have been operated and removed away, and this third will be removed next year.

I lived in NZ for 6 years and I love the place. My home is now in Finland.

If you want to have a chat, you can write to me at

Very best wishes,

MMRB said...

Hi Lesly. I am in England and also have a meningioma - suspected. I say "suspected" not because of any query about the presence of something but because I have a rarely located but definite pineal -region brain tumour which is too dangerously situated to be biopsied and only on the basis of radiological characteristics and its slow growth is the likely candidate a meningioma as opposed to other tumour types, but this type is exceedingly rare in pineal region. I don't have symptoms yet, or at least not the symptoms that they tell you are connected with this tumour. However, I am writing because you have identified exactly the same conundrum as I am facing each time my MRI is done to monitor it - the issue of getting an accurate measurement in order to determine if it has grown or if is just being viewed at a slightly different angle. Just like you, my consultant also said last year that the slight difference in slice means the linear measurement can't be 100% accurately compared with year before. I am coming up to next scan nervously and I am tired of hearing this each time when obviously it is a 3-d structure which is not a perfect sphere and therefore a 2-d measure is never going to be accurate. I have heard of the term volumetric measurement yet my radiology reports also only show a one directional linear measure between two points on the scan across one slice. Have you ever asked if volume measurement can be done and how, because I'd love to know if this is available, and if so, why isn't my doctor doing this? It would surely solve the issue of interpretation on MRI. My problem is that my tumour is already very close to certain structures which will suffer collateral damage if radiosurgery is done if the tumour gets much bigger so I can only have treatment before it gets to a certain size, before I get symptoms, but only if they are absolutely sure that a change in size is genuine growth and not a change in viewing angle - we are talking just millimeters growth here. I've been told if it even grows one more mm I need to be treated while it can be safely so therefore a tiny growth needs to be detectable but the same difference in "size" might also be attributable to a margin or error due to slice difference! I've read that volumetric measurement is a more sensitive and accurate measure of the bulk but wondered if other patients are evaluated with that and as you mentioned the same problem I was curious as to whether you have queried this. I also wondered how you cope with the stress of each scan or is that a silly question! I spend the few months leading up to next scan a nervous wreck, then i get a temporary reprieve from the anxiety for a few months afterward. I would not be able to cope with any sort of treatment as I live alone. etc.

You can reach me at, many regards, Malorie