Friday, 26 April 2013

Bad Hair Days ........

Isn't it strange how suddenly over the course of a couple of days your hair just goes BAD, and it seems that you can do absolutely nothing with it? Well, I am having one of those days, lol!

In fact this week has been a bit of a trial altogether so the hair thing is just one more little aggravation!

On Monday I had a second lesion removed from my mouth. It was just a tiny little hard lump low down inside my left cheek ... and on excision looked just like a blocked salivary gland. I am not worried about it and it has gone for histology. 

But on Tuesday I started a horrible head cold and since Wednesday the little wound site in my mouth has become quite sore, particularly when eating.  Not that it has stopped me from doing so, I might add!!

Of course, anything wrong in the head area always seems to exaggerate the antics of Feckit and Fuss so I haven't been much good for anything, except for playing on the computer! But any excuse to give the duster and vacuum cleaner a wide berth is a good one in my book. 

Actually the computer is wonderful therapy as I can 'chat' with family and friends on Facebook and write my blogs, whereas when I start reading my new Kindle I just fall asleep! Not because the book I am reading is boring but because that is what I'm like nowadays!

So the PC and Facebook are my therapy, especially on Bad Hair Days like this one!