Saturday, 27 July 2013

Forgetting what I have forgotten .............

Yes, my memory is slowly but surely getting worse! My consultant says that there are no signs of dementia or Alzheimer's disease so what is happening? It must be due either to Feckit or the radiology is all I can think.

I am unable to memorise the names of bowlers that I play regularly with once or twice a week;

I am unable to remember certain events that happened in our lives when John talks about them, and this is happening more and more frequently; 

I have had 'conversations' with different groups of people via private messages on Facebook, or with friends/family via email, and have no recollection of having done so. 

It is frightening and very upsetting!  

Added to this forgetting words, mostly proper nouns, in the middle of a sentence is making conversation a bit of a trial. Talking with friends is bearable because they are used to me going silent and waving my hands around! But it is so very embarassing when talking with strangers or people I do not know well ...... they must think I am a very strange woman indeed! 

And yes the headaches, nausea and facial tingling are still going on, but at least I get some days when I feel fairly normal. But have had no more Trigeminal Neuralgia - thanks to Tegretol tabs!  

But onwards and upwards, as they say ........... now what is it that I have forgotten .........


Jenny said...

I reckon you just have to try and laugh it off. If you get upset or frustrated it might make it worse. Easy for others to say!!!!! I know my memory lapses really bug me. I leave myself notes then forget to take the notes with me!! LOL LOL XXX

lesly said...

So true, Jenny x

Jen Doemland said...


Not sure how to contact you... I don't have outlook for email and it won't let me send another way.

Am I reading your bio right? You are related to Herbert Blande Sparks? I live in the US and I believe I have something of his.

Love your work, by the way.


Jen Doemland said...

Am I reading your bio right? You are related to Herbert Blande Sparks? I live in the US and I think I have something of his.

Would love to know more.


lesly said...

Jen Doemland ... Hi!! I have only just read this ... or I may have forgotten I read it. That is the way of things these days.

Yes, Herbert Blande Sparks was my Grandfather's older brother, so he was my Grand-Uncle, if there is such a thing!

Try contacting me on ... that may work for you (i never use gmail). Or try Facebook .. I am there on a page called Meningioma Living.

Sorry this is so very late x