Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fuss about nothing?

Its that time of year again and I had my routine annual MRI last week to see what was happening with Feckit and Fuss, if anything. The results have left me a little confused ... well more so than usual anyway!! Prior to the scan I had a feeling that either Feckit or Fuss could be misbehaving themselves and it seems that I read the signs correctly (funny how one is able to pinpoint subtle changes in ones so-called "inexplicable" symptoms).

Last January (2013) little Fuss appeared to have increased in size from 9 x 9mm to 10 x 10mm. When I queried this I was told that such a small difference was probably because the picture "slices" taken during MRI can never be in exactly the same place every time. I have to say that this gave me pause for thought on the accuracy of the radiation beams during treatment with irradiation? Being fobbed off comes to mind!

Anyway, this January nasty old Fuss was reported as measuring 12 x 13mm. Now this seems to me to be quite a hefty bit of growth for one so little!! Especially when he is sitting in my head! But no-one else appears to be the least bit concerned and I was even told to wait and see what happens next year ..................

In other words just keep taking the tablets and stop making a Fuss about nothing! 

Easy as.