Sunday, 9 February 2014

Keep that pecker up!

Having a bit of a quiet day today after a hectic week with lots of bowls matches, involving several trips to town, and entertaining some very dear friends yesterday. Altogether an active and fun time! But a bit tiring just the same.

I have been thinking about what it takes to make the most of life. Well, for one thing it takes a bit of luck .... in that really nasty things do not keep falling in your lap, but the main thing is to "keep your pecker up", as my dear old grand-dad used to say!

Grand-dad Ernie Sparks was born in January, 1874 .... and that's one heck of a time ago! He died when I was eight but I remember him very well and looked forward to his occasional visits because he would play all sorts of silly games with me and spend time mending my dolls. I remember that I used to shy away from kissing him, even though I loved him dearly, because he had such a prickly moustache! Now I wonder whether this caused him some sadness. I do hope not.

Dear old Ernie had a lot on his plate and knew all about 'keeping ones pecker up'. Father of six girls he worked long and hard to keep the family going. At heart he was an inventor but he could never afford to keep his patents going for very long and eventually the financial difficulties of raising a large family on an erratic income became too much and he found permanent employment. This of course left little time for his inventions, although he always kept some little project on the go!

When I think about how hard things were for my grandparents it makes me very grateful to be living the life I am now. So then, what's a tumour or two if you can keep enjoying the people and activities you love? .........


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