Saturday, 14 June 2014


Thought it was about time that I blogged something again about 'meningioma living', especially as this month is the 5 year anniversary of starting the radiosurgery treatment to Feckit. That expression 'meningioma living' makes me smile because I have a Facebook page of that name. Anyway its been a while since writing here so here we go! In actual fact there is not really anything newsworthy to write ... that is the trouble with having any kind of long term health problem, but NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS as they say!

I am still here, and I am still much the same. Am on the same drug regime, which is proving pretty good at keeping the lighting pains in my ear and my left-sided Trigeminal Neuralgia at bay. In fact I am wondering whether or not to stop the tabs for a while and see what happens ... but I need just an ounce or two more courage to do that!

Generally the symptoms ARE (Are? Maybe? Well I think so) a little less bothersome, and I am certainly sleeping a lot better which is a WONDERFUL THING! Will just have to wait to see if this means that Feckit and Fuss are really starting to settle down and behave at long last!

It is absolutely ace to have two of my married daughters now living in New Zealand, and both living not too far away! And that means that we have 3 of our 4 grandchildren close by too! Life is good .....

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