Saturday, 30 August 2014

Reaching out to other meningioma sufferers ............

This week I have been contacted by a meningioma sufferer who tells me that she knows of only ONE other in New Zealand personally. 

And up until now I have not heard of ANY because there is no official 'M' group in New Zealand. 

I am sure that there must be others with M's in Kiwiland and I am inviting them to make contact via my Facebook meningioma page. I have had this FB page going for some time as "Meningioma Living" .......but have now changed the title to "Meningioma Living in New Zealand" .... 

At least I now know that there are THREE of us!! - and I do hope others will make contact. In fact anyone with any kind of brain tumour is welcome!

Meningioma Living in New Zealand