Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Over-done or done-over!

Well I've seen the radiology-oncologist (RO) and also 'conversed' via telephone and text after a 'team meeting'.  The upshot of it all is that the measurements are STABLE (a good thing) and this whole exercise merely seems to prove how very hit or miss (even meaningless?) these measurements are (a bad thing) !!

RO said over the phone that the chief radiologist had 'looked back' and reviewed the films and that Fuss was currently 12mm and had not changed. However, having been told that it was 9mm in 2012, and at that point reportedly had not changed since seen on film in 2009,  I wondered which particular years had actually been reviewed.

Text messages followed:

Me:  Sorry to be a pain but it was the 2009 film?

RO:  No I think 2010.

Me:  First actual report 2012 but was on 2009 film. That is why I wanted to clarify.

RO:  We looked at the films. In any case no real change. It's good news.

RO is now definitely a bit huffy that I should continue to wonder why there should be a 3mm difference between the 2009/2012 measurement and the 2014/2015 measurement.

But "no real change" and "it's good news" ........ IN OTHER WORDS SHUT UP.


Anne said...

Ooh how v frustrating! The medical profession can be soooo annoying sometimes...........not to mention arrogant!! Miss you on FB - hope you're bearing up despite the trials that life has given you. I admire your strength and your talent hun - keep strong, keep hope as best you can every single minute of every single day. Lots of love your cousin Anne xxxx

Lesly Finn said...

Lovely to hear from you! If you are on FB could you make contact with me there? I am still there as Lesly Frances Finn xxxxx

Mia Johnson said...

I am starting a new Facebook page for people who have written a blog or made a Facebook page, or other online resource of interest to people with meningiomas.

I found your posts through a Google search and hope you will add your own link.

With much support for you in your own journey. Yours, Mia