Monday, 30 March 2015

'A new reality'

Where is she,

the me I used to be?

Fading, shredding, wafting free

in ragged pieces, desperately

spinning, shrinking, hard to see.

Pretending, as things become less clear,

that nothing's wrong,

I am still here?

1 comment:

Anne Breen said...

Hello my dear Meningimate, (my affectionate name for all of us living with meningiomas),
I enjoyed reading your posts about your medical journey. I hope you will find my brain tumor blog and add it to your collection while I try to read more of the other folks blogs you have listed.
And yes, the trig nerve pain is a common side effect of the radiation therapy. I agree a good question is what is "no significant change" as opposed to stable "no change"?