Thursday, 24 September 2015

Not one of my best ...

Today has not been a good one overall.  Worked on a painting most of the day, which I have to say is quite a feat these days, but I am not too impressed with the result and it is likely to go for reclamation! (this involves blocking out the canvas in white gesso so that I can start all over again).

Wouldn't it be lovely if one could put oneself in for reclamation? And start all over again ... all white, new and un-scarred.  Now that would be quite something!

Anyway, by the end of the afternoon I felt very dizzy and nauseated. Luckily I did not have to cook our dinner from scratch ... just had to do some fresh rice to go with re-heated chicken curry. Easy-peasy, ... and it tasted nice! Well, more than nice actually!

I just wish these bloody head symptoms would fade away, rather than getting gradually worse. At least it seems that they are getting worse, but it might just be that my resistance is low. Whatever the reason/cause I am feeling pretty crap lately.

P.S.  The vision problems continue. Following my discussion with my family doctor I have received a letter from the hospital regarding being seen by a neurologist.  At least 4 months to wait.  Nice.

Probably won't be until after my next annual MRI in February so will work in quite well, do you think?

P.P.S. Skin cancers ... the one on my chest that was 'frozen' has gone, plus the one on my leg has gone following treatment with Flurouracil cream (anti-cancer cream).  The remaining one on my face is still there although it seems smaller. Good, eh?