Friday, 16 October 2015

Going flat on my face!

One week ago today I tripped over and fell flat on my face in the supermarket car park! Luckily some very kind young ladies came to my aid and helped me to my feet, and one of them fetched a first-aider from the shop who took me in hand. How nice people can be!!

My face has been very swollen but not painful unless touched, so that has been a relief. However, now that the swelling is subsiding, I think things look a bit lopsided, - around my eye in particular. I did go to see my GP on day 4 but it was much too swollen for her to tell what was what, although she did test my jaw movements - which were normal thank goodness. She said to go back in a week if swelling not completely gone.




What an idiot! ..... now I really do feel old and wobbly!