Sunday, 13 December 2015

Neurological appointment at last!

This morning I went for my first neurological appointment for four years.  This time it was with a different neurologist and I was in trepidation in case he was as 'unapproachable' as the one I saw originally. But "NO" this one was very nice, seemed interested and talked TO me.

After I had explained the main symptoms currently bothering me (double vision, weakness in left arm and jerky left leg)  he gave me a neurological once over. Luckily he did not ask me to walk heel to toe in a straight line as I have tried this at home and I fall over!!!  

He says that there is definitely some 'slight' weakness in my left arm and leg, so I feel both vindicated (not imagining it) and a bit anxious (what is causing it?) !! But here is where we stand at the moment:

1. Visual disturbance .... no clues as to what is causing it as yet.

2.  Left-sided weakness .... could be a small blood clot following the radiotherapy or maybe the meningioma is pressing on the cerebellum. He cannot say anything for sure until he sees the films after my next MRI which I have an appointment for on January 13th.

3. He does not think that I have early Parkinsons disease, which is good to know.

So nothing more to be done until mid-January ............ will just let my body do the talking and rest up when I need to!!!