Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mine's a double!

Visited doctor on Monday ... tested my eye movements and confirmed binocular double vision, most likely caused by the smaller meningioma (Fuss) which is sitting centrally, on or near the Crista Galli, close to the oculomotor branch of the optic nerve.

For now it's wait and see time. These episodes of double vision occur after I have looked to the right or left horizontally and then return my gaze to look straight ahead. If they get worse it may be necessary to consider surgery or radiation (not a comforting thought).


Anonymous said...

JOY left the following comment but sadly it got deleted before it could be added here.

Joy said "It was so nice to "hear" someone who has meningioma. I have just been told I have a 12mm sphenoid wing meningioma after recently having completed treatment for DLBCL (cancer). So, as you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty low at the moment and extremely worried."

Jessica said...

I have the same thing. Double vision usually happens with fatigue, but can happen at anytime. I've decided to go ahead with treatment to stop the growth. Are you still looking into treatment?

Lesly Finn said...

Jessica ... I wish you luck with your treatment and hope that you will give an update in due course? As to my double vision .... I have not moved forward at all. Various things have cropped up to prevent me attending a follow up with the optometrist but I hope to see her within the next 2 weeks. I think that she will probably refer me to the Opthalmic Department at the district hospital. From there who know? But it will be good to get another opinion.Please keep in touch regarding your treament xx

Lesly Finn said...

Sorry Jessica I managed to press delete instead of publish for your reply. Yes I do find people don't relate to the diagnosis of nonmalignant! Pretty annoying takes up space the same whether or not its benign!