Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Just don't know what to do with myself!

Here in New Zealand we are tipping into winter, and the weather has been markedly colder and wetter this past week. But the countryside and gardens are all the better for it, having been parched dry by a very warm, and long, dry spell. So like all things any run of bad or good conditions comes to an end eventually.

I used to believe that about my symptoms but have yet to be proved correct. After 7 years they still keep rolling along, just like Ole Man River! The double vision occurs dozens of times a day now and takes anything up to 2 minutes to resolve. I can drive ok when it happens but have to close my right eye otherwise I can see two separate roads ahead which is somewhat scarey to say the least!

Seems that I am also duller and more sleepy these days ... my head is just too achy and tired to bother with much of anything. Even reading, which has always been almost an addiction, is slowly losing its appeal ... I just can't be bothered. Likewise this blog. And my art. All too much trouble.

What to do about it? If it wasn't for friends and family ..........

Still at least I am looking OK ... or so everyone keeps telling me, LOL !! But then, they can't see my brain being squeezed, can they?