Thursday, 1 September 2016

Spring is just round the corner

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring and I notice that we were only just tipping into winter when I last posted. Shame on me!

We had a great four weeks away on Australia's Sunshine Coast while the weather was at its coldest here at home, mid-June to mid-July ....and it was nice to not need a coat! We played quite a bit of bowls and made some new friends. Hopefully we will go back and visit there again one day soon.

Well there isn't, and hasn't been, much else to post about on the Meningioma side of things. Everything is still the same old, same old. But the jerky movements in my legs are now a thing of the past since I have stopped the regular doses of Carbamazepine (Tegretol). I still take the occasional dose if the dreaded Trigeminal Neuralgia starts twanging away though!

I managed a couple of paintings over the winter months and surprised myself. I need a bomb behind me to get going though! I am really pissed off with feeling tired and not sleeping properly. Its very draining. From what I read on the meningioma and brain tumour forums and websites it is quite common for people to wake up about 3am with headache and nausea!! And the majority report that, like mine, their doctors tell them it is nothing to do with the tumour, or that they have no explanation for it. But we can't all be imagining it! Doctors really don't seem to get it.

It is amazing how similar a lot of our symptoms and issues are whether waiting for treatment, post-surgery or post-radiation.... and there is some comfort to be had in that. And it is wonderful that the Internet enables people to exchange experiences and information, and  offer support to each other.

Worry Beads
Constant tinnitus, headache/nausea, tachycardia in the middle of the night, double vision, poor memory. But pains on the left side of face are fairly well controlled with Amitriptyline taken before bed so that's something. I do worry whether or not one of the little buggers is growing ........