Sunday, 5 March 2017

Bowled over ...........again!

How strange life is .... 6 years ago I fell over coming home FROM  a bowling awards night and bashed myself up good and proper, I also broke my left wrist rather badly. Now, well ten days ago (24 February), I have done it again by falling down our outside staircase on my way TO bowls at 8.30 in the morning.

This I time fractured my right wrist, which had to be pinned, and sustained a couple of facial fractures. As well as cuts and bruises of course. Spent 3 nights in hospital and am now coming right quietly at home. Under various specialists and have found them all very thorough and caring so far. 

The worst of it all is not being able to bowl, and missing out on various championships and events that I was involved in. But hey! It could have been far, far worse.


descending her eyesight deceived her
she tumbled downstairs and it peeved her
having got such a clout
that she knocked herself out
a medical service retrieved her

the ambulance men did some things here -

their injury gear almost sings here
but she cried - 'don't go quick
cos i'm feeling quite sick,
you sure that this motor has springs here? '

the Casualty staff got her sorted
from the dire disaster she'd courted
after all sorts of bods
did enumerable prods
all lesions were clearly reported

then came stitches and plaster and more
and admission to Surgical floor
she praised all staff involved
for the problems they'd solved
and advice she'd no longer ignore


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Me said...

Sorry to hear. I really wanted to get your email again. Have some sad news unfortunately.