Sunday, 7 January 2018

Another year, a new adventure ..........

I have not been very good at keeping up with this blog and there are several reasons for this, both good and bad! On the bad side I was pretty banged up from that fall in February and it took several months to get over it physically, while the mental side of things have not quite come right yet .... I am still quite nervous when walking outside and find that I easily lose my balance. Also there has been no improvement in the old problems of headaches, poor sleep, memory loss, etc, which is very depressing.

But on the good side I have found a new interest in my poetry writing and seem to be doing OK with it, as several poems have been published in various journals and books. Maybe I will have the nerve and energy to publish a little book of my own one day!

Also on the good side is that I am now back to playing bowls again which is something I despaired of initially after the fractured right wrist! I attempted to play using my left hand but it is remarkably difficult as it means relearning everything including stance, while trying to re-think your shots to suit bowling from the opposite side! However, after 8 months I was able to hold a bowl with my right hand again although I have had to change bowl size to a size Zero. No matter just as long as I can play once more!

Another good thing has been that we have managed to find a smaller house on flat ground, and with no stairs, and is not quite finished being built yet. It is in a nice village closer to the city and nearer to both my daughters. Happily we found a buyer for this one almost immediately. This is a great relief as we have been searching for quite a long time, although it is particularly hard on hubby as he does a lot for the local golf club and will miss his mates there. However, there are several golf clubs near to the new house which is good, and even a bowling club in the same road! We shall miss the sound and sight of the sea but, other than our 12 years here at the seaside, we have always lived in the country so I am sure that we will enjoy our new life. Another adventure begins!